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FAQ Frequently asked questions

How do I find the right ring size?
Basically our rings are available in 4 sizes: XS, S; M, L , further sizes are possible on request.

You know the desired ring size?
then you can simply look up in our table which ring size you have with us: click Pdf. Here you can see all common international ring sizes and what size they correspond to.
If you don't know your ring size, there are different ways to find out, here are the instructions: click PDF.
If you want to give the ring as a present and are unsure about the ring size, please contact us at shop@sabrinadehoff.com.

Why are the rings not round?
The shape of our rings is one of our trademarks and it gives the rings a very unique touch and a high recognition value.

Can I combine square rings with round rings?
Yes, of course. A mix of different rings looks cool.

Are the rings comfortable?
Our customers are always surprised how comfortable our rings are, because in fact fingers are not round but rather square, so they fit especially well between the fingers, so that e.g. a too firm handshake hurts less :-)

What if the ring does not fit?
When trying the rings, please do not forget that fingers are not always the same thickness. If it is very hot the fingers are thicker than when it is cold. Also, the fingers on the left and right are usually different in size. Since the ring is square, when trying on the ring, it is best to turn the ring over the thickest part of the ankle. Underneath, the finger is thinner and then often fits anyway. Basically the ring should fit the way you feel most comfortable. If it is too small or too big, you can of course exchange it free of charge within Germany. Please contact us at shop@sabrinadehoff.com and we will send you a return label.

What if I lose a stone?
No problem. Send the ring to us and we will repair the ring free of charge and send it back to you free of charge within Germany. If the stone is in stock and we can do it at our place it takes about 1 week or faster.

How long does the gold plating last?
Our jewellery is fashion or silver jewellery, which has been plated with a high-quality 23CT gold or silver plating. We work together with trusted electroplating companies and pay great attention to the quality of the plating. A plating is a galvanic surface refinement, by a metallic coating in different layers.

The durability of the surfaces is highly dependent on the handling, care and storage of the piece of jewellery. Metal reacts to other chemical substances and compositions of the air and skin. To ensure that you can enjoy your jewellery for a long time, we recommend that you do not bring it into contact with make-up, perfume or cleaning agents. Plated jewellery should also not be worn during sports or bathing, as the surface reacts to sweat.

Over time and with frequent wear, as with any article of daily use, traces of wear will appear due to mechanical abrasion of the surface. Since rings are generally subject to greater stress, plating is much more severe than for bracelets or earrings.

When storing jewellery, to prevent it from becoming dull or corroding, it is important to store it in a dark and dry place (not in the bathroom). It is best to keep your jewellery in the original Sabrina Dehoff box that you received when you bought it.

We recommend microfibre cloths or another soft, damp cloth for cleaning the jewellery. The cord bracelets on the other hand can be cleaned with a little water and soap.

Most of our models can be re-plated. The cost depends on the size of the piece of jewellery and any special features, e.g. the stones must always be removed to allow the piece of jewellery to be gold-plated again. Therefore the costs must be determined individually in each case. A ring for example costs between 20-30,-€. If damages occur within the first 6 months, we will grant a free gold-plating.

My silver jewelry discolors, what can I do?
Silver oxidizes and tarnishes over time. This leads to a dark discoloration.
This is a normal process. Some people like this kind of patina. If not, there are many ways to polish up the silver jewelry again. For this you can use a silver bath or paste, as you can find it in every drugstore for silver cutlery. There are also simple household tricks with baking powder or aluminum foil. It is also important to use a soft cloth or brush to dry and polish.

How do I best care for the jewelry?
Since the jewelry reacts to substances in the air and skin and can therefore discolor, we recommend cleaning the jewelry from time to time. For this purpose, there are special costume jewelry baths or simply with a little milderWash off soapy water and rub dry with a soft cloth afterwards. Generally store jewelry in a dry, cool place (not in the bathroom).

Is it possible to repair or re-plate the jewelry?
Yes, we offer a low-cost post-plating service for all our jewelry even after the warranty has expired. For rings this is between 20-30€ and includes cleaning the jewelry, re-polishing and re-plating it to look like new. For our other pieces of jewelry the price depends on the size and complexity, contact us here at shop@sabrinadehoff.com this applies also for repairs.

Duration: Approx. 2-4 weeks.

I have questions / am I unsure?
Mail us or call us. We are a small team and try to help you where we can and to find a solution for everything.

We want you to be happy !


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